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I, Me, My, PixelGlow Digital, we, our etc. = Neil Gordon t/a PixelGlow Digital.
You, Your, Client, etc. = you, the client, or agent of the organisation you represent.

Invoicing terms

I aim to offer products and services at the lowest possible prices - this is done by reducing my overheads and running costs.
However, this method of operation has its drawbacks - I am heavily reliant on a continual cash flow.
It is for this reason that all of my invoices are due upon receipt.
I kindly ask that you pay at your earliest convenience- I really don’t enjoy begging my valued clients to pay their bills!

Proposals, contracts & requested work

A proposal can take several forms including (but not limited to);

-email proposals,
-virtual proposal documents,
-printed proposal documents, etc. 

Typically for larger jobs I will create a proposal document outlining the job specifications. You will be asked for your approval to the proposal terms by signing a document in person or acknowledging your agreement to the proposal terms in writing (normally over email). 
Once I have received this for any given proposal, this proposal becomes a binding contract and I will begin work at my earliest convenience.

Smaller / Repeat jobs are normally proposed and confirmed directly in email correspondence, instant messaging or over the phone. Typically, a price will be quoted and agreed before work begins, but this is not always the case. If no price is established for the requested work, you will be billed at my standard hourly rate.

Any work taking under 1 hour to complete will be invoiced at a minimum of £20.

If, for any reason, the job/contract you requested from PixelGlow Digital is no longer needed, you will have to pay for the hours already worked and any other incurred costs from products purchased on your behalf at a minimum.

Deposits / Down Payments / Initial Payments are typically required for larger projects before work begins. These are non refundable.

What is required from you

I require prompt and concise feedback from all of my clients when it is asked for (typically within 48 hours). If this is not provided, the work I complete for you may end up behind schedule.

If you don’t like something, don't be afraid to say so! I want you to be entirely satisfied with the work I complete for you.

I often require a number of assets to complete a given project, such as photos, brand resources, written copy, etc. These should be delivered in common machine readable formats in a timely manner. A shared google drive or dropbox folder is typically the best solution here.

Proofing & finalisation

Printed goods will require your approval before being sent away for print.

I try my absolute best to avoid printing errors, but mistakes may still manage to slip through the gaps. I do not assume any responsibility for any type of error, spelling or otherwise, that may be present on final printed products. It is your responsibility to look over the drafts & final proofs that are sent to you and highlight any changes that need to be made before your products are approved for print.

Purchases made on your behalf

I am often tasked with the sourcing and recommendation of various physical and virtual products for my clients.

This includes (but is not limited to) domain names, printed materials, software, hardware, plugins and stock assets, etc.

Pre-payment may be required before these products are purchased on your behalf. Delivery of said products may be delayed if prompt payment is not received.

Other ongoing services that require regular payments, e.g. the management of google adwords campaigns, will be paid through an established regular direct debit system, standing order or equivalent.

Website hosting & maintenance

I provide website hosting on my virtual private servers to clients that require it.

Hosting fees are quoted on a 'per year' basis. Fees can either be invoiced as a yearly lump sum or on a continual 1 month payment cycle via direct debit.

Your yearly renewal price will typically be agreed on a case per case basis as the price is dependent on a number of factors; total size of the website, expected users, functionality, etc. However, if the scope of your website changes significantly, your hosting renewal price may change at a later date- you will be informed of this decision at least 1 month before a payment with the amended price is collected.

If you decide not to renew your hosting with PixelGlow Digital, you must provide at least 1 months written notice. it is your responsibility to move your existing website onto your new server. There are several ways to achieve this, but you may also choose to ask for my assistance - I will bill you at my standard hourly rate for this service.

As part of my maintenance services, I will run plugin, theme & Wordpress updates on your website (where appropriate). Typically, I aim to perform manual updates approximately every 4 weeks- this gives me the opportunity to perform some basic health checks on your site and manually verify its appearance post-update. However, this update cycle depends on a number of factors such as; the complexity of your site, number of plugins, access to licenses, newly published security exploits needing urgent attention, etc.

Although I'd like to, I cannot make formal assurances to the uptime of your website. 

My web servers are configured to take regular backups of your website and its data. Backups are normally kept for 2-3 months before deletion. If a fatal issue occurs on your website, I can attempt to restore your website from the archived backups. Unfortunately, no assurances can be made to the successful restoration of any backup but I will strive to recover your data wherever possible.

If I have to restore backups as a result of user error (a change you or any other authorized user has made) you will have to pay my full hourly rate to restore the backups regardless of the outcome.

Software licensing & updates

I build websites with a wide selection of premium development softwares such as themes, plugins and frameworks to accomplish a wide variety of web development tasks.

Any website I make for you will be built using software licensed to me or PixelGlow Digital unless stated otherwise (for example, the purchase of a single-use license booking system made on your behalf for use on your website).

I often opt to pay for costly agency licenses which allow me to use the given software in the production of multiple client websites.

Many of these agency licensed software plans will incur high renewal fees. Although I aim to provide necessary updates and support to my hosted client's websites wherever possible, it might not be financially feasible for me to keep paying license fees for these softwares in perpetuity. In this situation, you will be required to purchase your own individual license of these softwares if you wish to continue receiving software updates, support, and in some rare cases, continued access.

Legal documentation

In some cases I may be able to advise or produce legal policy documents for you including (but not limited to) privacy policies, cookie policies, terms & conditions policies, terms of sale policies and terms of service policies.

Hopefully it goes without saying- I do not have any legal training!

Any policy documents of this nature are provided to you in good faith in order to provide you with some basic legal protection. I cannot accept any liability or legal repercussions that may arise over disputes pertaining to the contents of these documents or your own internal procedures. It is your responsibility to read these documents, let me know of any amendments and enforce their policies. If you are in any doubt you should hire a legal professional to create these policies for you.

Loss of income

I do not accept any liability for your loss of income as a result of website faults such as (but not limited to) e-commerce faults, payment vendor faults, contact form delivery faults, loss of leads, broken links, website downtime, etc.
I reserve the right to amend this document at any time. If there are any changes to these terms & conditions which I believe will affect the services or products I provide to you as an active client of PixelGlow Digital, I will inform you of these changes and send you an updated version of this document.
Neil Gordon t/a PixelGlow Digital.
Professional Indemnity Insured.
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